Naí Bheaga/Junior Infants

Sheol Múinteoir Sionainn agus Múinteoir Maria obair dá ranganna inniu/ M. Sionainn and M. Maria have sent work to their classes by email. If you did not receive an email, please contact including your name and query please.

Níl ann anseo ach moltaí. Tá tuilleadh oibre anseo.  Ná bíodh faoi bhrú leis an obair seo a leanas agus is suas duitse atá sé í a athrú do riachtanas do pháiste.  Tá neart oibre abhaile le na páistí: níl aon bhrú na leabhráin uilig a bheith críochnaithe.

This is a suggested approach to the work sent home in the folder: there is a surplus of work. Please feel free to adapt to what best suits your child and their learning style/ needs. There is no pressure for every single page to be completed: we wanted to ensure the children were challenged appropriately for the few days ahead. What has been sent home is revision work to support all we have learned so far

  • We strongly suggest practicing all those fine motor skills with cutting exercises ( scrap paper is great!), jigsaws, lego, play dough etc…
  • Singing nursery rhymes/ story time
  • When practising letters/ numbers using a multi-sensory approach is always fun:  writing in the air/ with different writing materials / on a partner’s back/ on their own hand/ in rice/ sand etc…

Aoine 27/3/2020
 Colour the letter h when you see him
 Match the pictures that have the sound /h/ : humptaí (dumptaí), hata, há há há:
encourage giving more words that begin with the sound
 Match the picture to the correct letter or vice versa
 Practice writing the letter h
 Write the letter h to show what sound each picture starts with
 Match the pictures that start with /h/ to the letter

(caora/ doras and stól do not belong)
 Look at the pictures: circle the picture that begins with the sound shown: try saying each word: and emphasise the initial sound. Colour when completed 
 Measúnú 1: How many spots on the ladybirds? How many t shirts on the line? How many fish? Solve the problem: 10 bunnies in a hat: 4 hopped away… how
many left?

Brón orm/Apologies! Work for Wednesday did not upload, I don’t think! No need to rush doing two days in one .Thanks for your patience! M.Áine

Wednesday 25/3/2020
 p.25 Write the letter d for the pictures that begin with that sound
 p.26: practise writing d / p.27 fill in the blanks and complete the words. Colourthe pictures.
 p.28 Match the pictures that start with /d/ and colour. (Cupán) does not belong

 Aimsigh na ciorcail : count the circles in each picture and write the numeral in the box.
 Aimsigh na cearnóga: count the squares in each picture and write the numeral in the box.
The next set of work begins with a page with numbers 0-5 with the title “Scríobh”
p. 92
 Revise writing the numbers: zero is written like the letter O which we have covered ( we will be doing the concept of zero when we return!)
 p.95 Ciorclaigh: read the number, circle the correct amount and colour that amount
Thursday 26/3/2020
 Mo leathanach gorm: colour the shapes blue. Maybe the children can identify the shapes or go on a shape hunt around the home?
 Dronuilleog: Spot the rectangles and colour them red: complete the picture 
 Lán agus Folamh: this is a great chance for hands on maths and using real lifematerials ( water/ rice/ pasta/ beads etc…) to fill containers and discuss full, nearly full, half full, half empty, nearly empty and empty
 (lán, beagnach lán, leathlán/ leathfolamh, beagnach folamh, folamh) Children can colour the pictures.
 Patrún: complete the patterns: as mentioned previous this is a fun piece of maths to use in real life and perhaps finding real life objects to create patterns/ colouring using patterns?
 Na bréagáin is fearr liom : match the toys to their shape

 Practise the number 5 ( this is our most recent number and we are working really hard at it!) Colour the pictures. Also revise writing all numbers on the next page ( feel free to make sets of these numbers and maybe draw some
pictures to show how many)
 Fónaic /h/ ( síos/ suas agus timpeall , down, up and around: remember he is a
little taller than an N/ n)

Tuesday 24/3/2020
 Practise writing the numbers 1-5. We are trying hard to write them the correct way: making sure they are a good size, facing the correct way. Colour the pictures
 Colour by numbers: dearg (red), buí ( yellow), glas (green) gorm (blue) donn (brown)
 Fónaic /d/: the letter d ( around, up and down, timpeall, suas agus síos) like other letters, practise writing it in the air/ on their hand/ on the back/ in rice/paint or hair gel in a ziplock bag).

 P. 21 is colouring the letter d when they spy it. Can it be seen in the environment?
 p.22 match the pictures that start with the sound /d/ : damhsa (dancing), dó (two), doras (door), dubh (black)… colour the pictures.
 p. 23/24/ Match the letter to the picture/ match the picture to the sound.
Select the correct letter for the beginning sound.

Luan 23/3/2020
Mata: p. 12 ( page with ladybirds) : add one spot to each ladybird and count how many altogether,write the number in the box
 p. 23 “Cé mhead?” Count how many birds are in each box and write the number in the box – please ignore the next page as the photocopy has blurred 
 Meaitseáil: p.56/57 match the sets with the same amount and colour the pictures.
 Aimsir: look at the weather: maybe you could keep a weather diary while we are
off as a fun idea?  The last page in the booklet is around this page: Talk about the weather : grianmhar/ ag cur báistí / scamallach ( sunny/ rainy/ cloudy)
match the items you would need for these types of weather.

(Come Outside: Windy Day)

(Come Outside : Rainy Day) (Sesame Street)
Next bundle of work should begin approx.: Cruth na Cearnóige
 Cearnóg: spot the squares and colour them red: complete the rest of the picture
 Beag agus Mór: maybe try and sort things that are big and small: complete the
worksheet: colour the big squares red and the small squares yellow

Aoine 20/3/2020
 Uimhir 4: Activities as suggested above ^- note we write the number four with straight line down/ across/ and another… ( síos, trasna, agus tabhair srón do!
(give them a nose!)
 (p. 40) Fónaic /g/ – match the pictures that make the /g/ sound, practice writing the letter g, we sometimes use rainbow writing, this is when we write the letter lots of times using different colours!
 Foclóir/ Vocab you may encounter: gunna/ gliún/ girse/ ag gáire/ garda/ gairdín/gúna
 (p41/42) Match the picture with the sound/ letter or matching the letter/sound with the picture. Colour any pictures 

 Fónaic /g/ : p43 write the letter /g/ under the pictures, say the word, colour the pictures.
 P44 practise writing the letter g
 P.45 fill in the blanks to complete the words ( foclóir given above) , colour the pictures
 p.46 colour the pictures that start with /g/ ( féiliceán/ butterfly does not )
 Connect the dashes and follow the lines- make sure you stay on the lines/ fan ar na líntí! 

  • Déardaoin 19/3/2020
  •  Litir C: dul siar: say the words ( cócó/ císte/ seilide/ gé/ carr/ cnoc/
  • coinín/). Colour the pictures that have the /C/ sound.
  •  Mata: p.8 Count the spots and write the numeral.
  •  Mata p.9 Match the clowns to their hats…how many more hats are there?
  •  Tracing patterns: carefully write on the lines, be sure to keep them neat 
  •  Mata lch 18/19: Match the items to their set. Colour them in .
  •  Booklet ends approx. “Mo leathanach buí”: as per mo leathanach dearg.
  • The next set of work starts approx. with the page Ainmhithe Allta (Wild animals)
  •  Spot the odd one out between the eilifint/ sioraf/ leon/ caora and colour the pictures
  •  The next page is an invitation to draw their favourite wild animal! Maybe they could practice writing the name of the animal ( if needed they could trace over)
  •  Mata: Uimhir 3: Similar to the other number work, make sets of 3 with objects that can be found- maybe revise ways of making 3? ( 2/1, 1/2) .
  • Write the number 3 and colour the pictures

Céadaoin 18/3/2020

Pages should be found in the booklet with “ Mo leathanach dearg”

  • Revise the colour dearg: perhaps go on a colour hunt? Colour the page
  • Patrúin/ Patterns: complete the pattern on the page: maybe try and use real objects to make a pattern? Colour the vegetables
  • Revise number 1 (uimhir a hAon): practise making groups of one, spy the number in the environment? Write the number 1 and colour the pictures.  We use a straight line down for the number 1 J
  • Revise number 2: same activities as above: making groups with objects (cutlery? Socks? Shoes? Hands?) Write the number and colour the pictures. ( Tosaigh ar an spota, timpeall, síos agus trasna)

Fónaic/ Phonics: The letter C


  • The letter is called C: practise the formation : we like to write with crayons a few times over it.  Maybe they can sing the song? Think of vocabulary that begins with the sound and try and spot it in the environment/ books.
  • Colour the letter C when you spot it in the grid (p.12)
  • Look at the pictures: vocabulary is in Irish. Match the words that have the /c/ sound to the letter.
  • Match the picture to the correct letter or the letter to the correct picture ( all based on /C/ sound. (p. 14: cupán)
  • p.16 Write the sound/letter C: (caipín/ carr/ císte/ cnoc), write the letter under the picture: can they say the word?
  • p.17/p.18: scríobh C, be careful to stay on the lines when tracing. Write /C/ under the pictures ( cat/ carr/ caca/cócó)