Tips for building up language in lockdown.

Building up Language in Lockdown, By Jenny Lang,...   Níos mó >>

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Coronavirus: A book for children

Coronavirus: A book for children illustrated by Axel Scheffler, is published in Ireland by Gill Books and available to download for free from   Níos mó >>

Top 6 books for children

Top six books for children to read while school is...   Níos mó >>

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Kids bored? 130 activities with common household items!   Níos mó >>

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Teachtaireacht ón Athair Cormac/Message from Fr.Cormac

Hello to the Girls and Boys of our primary schoolsFr. Cormac speaks to the girls and boys of our primary schoolsPubliée par The Holy Family Parish, Dundalk sur Lundi 4 mai...   Níos mó >>