Slán Libh, Rang 6 2020

Fágann Rang 6 slán leis an scoil agus fágann an fhoireann slán leo: Cuimhní Cinn 2012-2020 Ádh mór oraibh sa...   Níos mó >>

Gaeilge don Samhradh/ Irish during the Summer!

A superb resource from Gaeloideachas to keep up you and your child’s Gaeilge over the summer! The page loads in Irish but you can click on the translate button at the top of the page, and text will appear in English. You may have to return to the Irish version for some of the links to work though!   Níos mó >>

Lá Spóirt 2020 -an fhís!!   Níos mó >>

Cúrsa Samhraidh/ Summer Camp for Primary pupils!!   Níos mó >>

Laethanta Spóirt 2020/ Sports Days 11/6/20 &12/6/20 These two links show the activities for Sports Days 2020, one in English and one in Irish. Have fun!!   Níos mó >>

Lá Spóirt- bígí réidh! Get ready for Sports Day!!

A thuiste/í agus a pháistí! Tá súil agam go bhfuil sibh uilig go maith agus go bhfuil sibh ag baint suilt as an aimsir dheas. Tá fís eolais le seo mar gheall ar Lá Spóirt 2020! Féachaigí air le bhur dtoil. Beidh an lá spóirt ar siúl an tseachtain seo chugaiinn – níl an dáta socruithe ach ar an Déardaoin nó an Aoine, ag braith ar an aimsir. Idir seo agus sin, bígí ag bailiú fearais don lá agus bígí ag cleachtadh! I hope you are all well and that you are enjoying the nice weather. This year’s, Sports Day will be a virtual one and it will take place next week, probably Thursday 11th or Friday 12th, but the actual date will depend on the weather. In the meantime, the link to a video, prepared by M.Edel, to help you and your child prepare is below. Please watch the video so you can gather the equipment you need, and so you can practice with your child. The most important part of this is, of course, participation. We want to see how your child has gotten in to the spirit of Sports Day so please send photos of your child, dressed in his/her family colours to your child’s teacher at ( it doesn’t matter if you cant get a t-shirt of the correct colour, anything at all to denote the colour is fine)  If you cannot take part in the Sports Day when it is released, pick a time that suits you – we will let you know the date by which we need the photos so they can be included as points for your team! As with all gameshows, photos sent before Sports Day will not be included!!! By sending your child’s photo, we assume it is OK for us to use it to make a montage of photos for Sports Day 2020. If you do not wish the photos do be included, let your child’s teacher know. So in summary, watch the video, gather equipment, and most importantly, HAVE FUN! Le gach dea-ghuí, M.Áine...   Níos mó >>

Tionól 29/5/20   Níos mó >>

Tips for building up language in lockdown.

Building up Language in Lockdown, By Jenny Lang,...   Níos mó >>