Máistir Gearóid

Sheol Máistir Gearóid obair dá ghrúpaí inniu/ M.Gearóid has sent work to his groups by email. If you did not receive an email, please contact aine@gaelscoildd.ie including your name and query please.

18-3-2020    Grúpa Rang 5

  • Reading; Weather Counting/Rail Accidents/Spider Power
  • Dolch Words;say-three
  • Spelling List; Learn words from same to holiday.
  • Poem; revise “The Man Who Wasnt There”
  • Dictionary Work; Find the dictionary meanings for 10 of the highlighted words in reader and write them into sentences of your own.
  • Use Copy to revise these;
  • soft c and hard c sounds
  • soft  and hard g sounds
  • silent w in wr words
  • abbreviations
  • conjunctions
  • nouns and adjectives
  • Grúpa Rang 3
  • Reading;Magic In The Sky/Rainy Day fun
  • Dolch Words;sing to green.
  • Spellings;   sing to green
  • Poems;Revise “So Big” and “Supermouse”
  • Use Copy to revise these;double consonants bb/dd/ll
  •  sounds ou/oo/oa
  •  by/buy/bye/boy
  • Grúpa Rang 2

Reading;At The Beach/Tooth And Twinkle Stories/Jack And The Giants/Fun At The Park
Dolch List;Words from Than to Should
Spellings ;Words from Than to  Should 
Poem;Revise”Dog In The Playground”
Write 6 sentences about your favourite character in your reading book.
Use Copy to revise words with the wh/ch/th sounds       

Grúpa Rang 1
Reading;Please and Thank You stories/The Wobbly Tooth
Dolch Sight Words;Revise words from Run to Going.
Spellings;Dolch Words from Run to Going
Poem;Learn and recite poem;”Bedtime”

Use Copy to revise these;to/too/two
 “ur” sound
  ai/ay sounds

All Groups

To test your Dolch words there are activities on this website; http://www.dolchword.net
Read library and other books as often as you can.
Recall and Retell stories you have been reading recently in school to people at home and answer any questions they might have for you about the stories